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Have you ever seen the power of dance to bring people together?

We have that power.

OfficialPAK is the flagship of Favour Odusola’s creative vision. We specialize in vibrant, energetic, and unique dance productions, workshops and classes. Our goal is to bring together communities and cultures through the power of dance. Our productions/performances are inspired by traditional African dance, and our workshops aim to educate and inspire people of all ages and abilities. Join us and experience the joy of movement!


Favour Odusola founded UMA, a dance brand committed and dedicated to equipping dancers with the skills, information, and process needed while growing as a dancer/dance professional. He offers a variety of dance classes for all levels, as well as teaching concepts/choreography, creative direction, and content creation that would prove important to artists and companies/brands. His mission is to promote and empower dancers by providing them with a platform to explore and hone their skills, hence becoming the best version of themselves.

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