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"We help you improve your skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to become professional/better  dancers."

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Afro-dance at Umafam! Our classes go beyond learning dance steps; they're a journey into the heart of African culture, music, and dance. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, Umafam offers an enriching experience for everyone.


Our Programs


UMA is not just a dance brand; it's a commitment to equipping dancers with the skills, information, and process of growing as dance professionals. Our weekly foundation and intermediate dance classes are fun, welcoming, engaging, and educative. Dive into a world where you're pushed to grow, all while connecting with a wider, accepting community.

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core values




To cultivate a thriving community of dancers, fostering personal growth, skill development, and cultural exploration.

A world where dance transcends boundaries, uniting individuals in the celebration of African culture and the joy of movement.

Umafam is not just a dance program; it's a vibrant community that resonates with the spirit of dance. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts, forge lasting bonds, and hopefully experience the true essence of unity through the love of dance.


At the heart of Umafam lies the unwavering belief that with dedication and the right processes, anything is possible. Our core values are rooted in fostering a mindset that propels dancers toward success and self-discovery.

  • Discover Afro Dance: Master authentic African dance movements in an atmosphere celebrating the continent's rich cultural heritage, energized by lively music and vibrant choreography.

  • Community Spirit: Connect with a diverse group of dance enthusiasts. Umafam is a place to forge lasting bonds, united by the love of dance.

  • Inclusive Learning: Our intermediate classes welcome adults from varied dance backgrounds, emphasizing that passion for dance is the only prerequisite.

  • Weekly Dance Classes (Jan-Dec): Engage in regular Afro-dance sessions, perfect for skill enhancement and cultural immersion.

  • Collaboration Program (Apr and Sep): Participate in biannual events merging different dance styles, promoting versatility and community unity, especially among Dublin's youth.

  • Afro-Dance Camp (Aug): Immerse yourself in a three-day event with top Afro-dance teachers worldwide. Learn about culture, dance, and every element that makes up the Afro experience.




"My Journey from Passionate Dance to Becoming an All-Around Creative"

Favour Odusola

Hey There,

Favour is not just a member but a standout force in Dance Ireland and Create Ireland, shaping his artistic expression around creating pieces that hit home with societal issues.

His dance journey kicked off in a familiar setting – birthday parties and school performances. But soon, Favour's love for the art form took center stage. Inspired by icons like Kaffy and Les Twins, he followed his passion and delved into theatre arts at Redeemers University, focusing on African traditional and Contemporary dance.

In a time when dance often took a backseat, Favour decided it was time to change the game. His post-school adventure led him to Imagneto Dance Company, where he went from intern to Kaffy's right-hand person. Under her guidance, he soaked in the essentials, learning that with strategic planning, resilience, and hard work, anything is possible.

Favour's journey took an exciting turn in Ireland, where he witnessed the emergence of the afro-dance scene. Despite the pandemic throwing challenges his way, he birthed Umafam – not just a dance training program but a space for dancers to connect, grow, and embrace positivity.

Umafam quickly became a sanctuary, smashing barriers and instilling the belief that dance dreams are within reach. Favour's spirit of adventure extends beyond dance, emphasizing social integration, education, and proper implementation. At the core of it all is his belief in dance as a tool for love.

Favour's artistic explorations cover traditional dance, percussion, commercial work, and contemporary theatre across Europe, Africa, and the UAE. Awards, commissions, and accolades have followed him for his dance performances, theatre plays, and contributions to projects promoting cultural diversity and collaboration.

As an actor, Favour has graced stages in Nigeria and taken the spotlight as a stand-in for Jamie Foxx in BEAT SHAZAM season 5. His on-screen charisma shines in movies, series, and advertisements, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

In the realm of music, Favour isn't just a dancer; he's a rapper and artist too. Awards and acknowledgments have dotted his journey, recognizing his leadership, entrepreneurship, and artistic excellence.

Favour Odusola's artistic adventure is more than a story – it's an inspiring saga of resilience, innovation, and community building. Join him on this transformative ride, and uncover the profound beauty and potential that dance, creativity, and the arts offer to anyone who believes in themselves.

Discover more about my artistic ventures at

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